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Uploading your song on
For just NGN 1000 your song can be on our website. will immediately upload you song after you have meant all the requirement. With your song will be available for download by any one, and anywhere in the world, our search optimization enable people to see your profile and song when they search on google,Bing etc. We offer a shared 30% off payments when you use a ref code when uploading.
Tips/requirement before upload attempt:
We accept only gospel songs
1. The size of the song should not exceed 30mb.
2. Send song to us on whatsapp: 09056393762 (advised) or or you can simply use the form below.
3. It is advisable that artist/band should have`song/profile details before attempting upload most especially when using the form below.
4. Means of payment and verification link can be found at the top of this page (only for those using the form below).
5. Payment should be made after song has been successful published on the website.
6. We offer 14 days money back gurantee after your song have been published, If you are not satisfied with our service and want your song to be removed from  the site.
Ready to upload!, the form below will guide you through. (NOTE IN CASE YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE UPLOADING THROUGH THIS MEANS, YOU CAN SEND YOUR SONG DIRECTLY TO US ON WHATSAPP: 09056393762 (advisable) OR EMAIL:
Get 10% of payment back as airtime when you use referral code
worship with rap
praise with rap
Motivational with rap
Phone call only
Email only
Phone call and email

Always remember SPIRITUAL SONG can change the world. WE LOVE YOU.
Record your gospel songs at stavesville records
Whatsapp/call: 09056393762, 08063831134
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